Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Got this from Heidi's blog and it's kind of shocking to think that this election change this country in a very dramatic way no matter who is elected but this video set aside all economics, all war discussions, medicare... and spoke only to LIFE. Powerful and kind of shocking.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Not sure why

So there are many times where I hear people say that they don't agree with Palm Valley's "style" of teaching. I reflect over the messages in main service and youth... even in kids. They are usually simple messages, diving into God's Word and focusing on application to those listening. They aren't wordy or really complex, they aren't foreign in "churchy language" or filled with "candy coated" messages either. We strive to tell others about Christ, who He is, what He did for us, what the Bible is and how to apply the Bible to our lives.

I started thinking about how Jesus taught the people of His time and I somewhat laugh because He taught in stories that were so simple that sometimes people couldn't get them even then. He taught in parables, giving people application to their current lives and showing them how to live their lives for God. He then later would go to His Disciples and explain deeper into what He meant in His Parables. It makes me chuckle to think that people criticize that way of teaching when that is how Christ Himself did it. We have small groups each week that allow time for diving deeper into God's Word and questions about weekend messages.

How awesome is it to have a church (there are many others like Palm Valley as well) where you can leave a service and remember and APPLY what you learned???? What good is it to go to church, be perplexed by the message, hear some really "profound" thoughts and not have a clue what to do with what you heard? There are parts of the Bible that I don't understand (and I've taken many Bible classes with some of the smartest Bible theologians) and they don't even understand everything God wrote (well I guess that's because God did not intend us to know it all) and sometimes I forget about the simple messages I hear or read.

I went to a conference called the Creative Church Conference and the speaker was spot on about so many things. One thing that stuck that he said was "too often people feel like they aren't getting 'fed' in church because they want others to feed them everything rather than digging into stuff theirselves. too often people say that the messages aren't 'deep' enough and to that I say to them "'until you have mastered Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself"' I think you shouldnt be too worried about 'deep' messages"

It's sooooo true. We forget that we struggle with the greatest too commandments in most cases. I am encouraged and challenged to see each simple things that God is doing through church, my everyday life, other people and many other things around me and to continue to ponder all the mysteries about God but settle in the ABSOLUTES of who God says He is.

:) I'm trying to find stability amidst this stressful time in life and... SHOCK... God is the only stable thing in my life.. forever.. always.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

TAG.. I'm it!

so Stacey tagged me to do this so I am gonna do it and tag some of you too!

Here are just a few things about.... ME

1. I work at Starbucks and I hate coffee. I thought with more time I would like it more.... but I don't... I get free coffee and don't drink it... want a free pound anyone?? :)

2. I love chicken.... every chicken. My favorite is chicken wings from Barros or Sardellas... I am pretty sure if I had chicken wings everyday I would be GREAT

3. I have wanted to be a music teacher since... well... forever. I have pictures from when I was little that I drew of being a teacher or singer. I knew from early on and I have never changed that decision. There were times that I thought it was just not worth all the stress and work right now but I am so excited to finally do it!!

4. I love politics. I watch all the debates, read all the magazines they send about all the propositions and people and even was in the young republicans in high school and did the final debate in front of the school.

5. Lastly, public speaking gives me a high. Haha, I don't know what it is but I love public speaking, speaking in front of crowds. It doesnt make me nervous at all, only anxious from excitement. Guess that's a good thing being a teacher and being married to a youth pastor but I think it's great fun!!

Ok Now it's time for me to tag 5 people. You 5 get to write a few things about yourself and then tag that number of people.

Tag... You're it....


if you read this and you're tagged... then DO IT!! :) or just do it for fun anyway

happy Tuesday

Friday, October 17, 2008

cold weather= hot drinks!!

I am soooo sick of making frappuccinos!!! I am so excited it's winter almost for many reasons but one main reason is that I wont have to make a MILLION frappuccinos all day long. It's way more fun to learn new, interesting drinks or at least steam milk for a change. I have to get somewhat excited about my job otherwise I'll go crazy each day.

Almost done with school. I have my jury (basically my final) for my voice recital a week from this monday and I'm freaking out. I cry about it almost daily because it's so stressful... if I don't pass... I don't graduate this semester.. I am working my butt off to learn my songs and sound decent. I just pray that this week I have diligence to learn my music and get ready for my jury.

If I pass then my recital will be November 21st at 7pm at Church of the Holy Spirit, next door to Southwestern. Once my jury is over, i'll sigh a bit and have the push to finish strong. most people don't worry too much about the last semester, they just have to pass their classes, i have to get all As so I'm trying so hard to keep up my grades and what not. In about 9 days I'll know for sure. Please pray for me, I am usually stressed but this is a new high. My voice teacher calls me a "tank".. not sure if thats a good thing but i'll push through these last few months :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Well I am sitting at San Jose International Airport, 2 hours early for my flight and thought-what better thing to do than write a blog!!

So i have been in San Francisco for the past 3 days, watching my beautiful friend of 8 years finally get married! This weekend was just perfect. It reflected everything about her and Will's new life.I will post pictures up as soon as I get some. I brought my camera and with all of the commotion I just didnt take any haha. Luckily there were like a million photographers.

So the day after I got there, all the girls went to a spa for the day. Oh...My...Gosh... It was heavenly! It was super expensive and I think only like millionaires can afford to really go there haha but it was great. There is a huge lobby area where you walk around in this amazing robes and then there are "quiet rooms" with big huge recliners and dim lighting and curtains to curtain off your area and rest or read. THen there is a HUGE jacuzzi with a mist room, steam room, sauna, HUGE showers bigger than like my bedroom for individual showers. Each has shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shaving cream, individual razors, hair product. Then there are vanities each with blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons, hair product, hair accessories... and then... there is the 50 minute relaxation massage that I had. It was pure BLISS. A massage has definitely been added to my Christmas list.

THe wedding was great, really short... We had to wear like 3 inch pointy stilletos and our feet were dying by the end of the night but it was great. The wedding was perfect, it ended early which was nice for the newlyweds and nice for the wedding party. This weekend was worth every penny and Lauren and Will are going to have a great marriage together. So hard being so far away from each other but this weekend was perfect to see her off on their new life and hopefully get to see them soon!!

I missed Jeremiah like crazy and I am happy to go home and finish off this semester. I have A LOT Of music to memorize and homework to do haha. Now I have Brittini's wedding in a few months... eek i wanna get married again.. well mainly I wanna go on a honeymoon again haha.

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks from date day at the Barlow Girl Concert, picnic in the park and 3rd row seats to the Switchfoot, Third Day concert with some youth kids. Enjoy! :)

Glad to be comin home!! :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

All grown up

So I know that Im becoming a "real adult" when our families ask us to start thinking about our Christmas lists and so far our list is blinds for the spare bedrooms, a wii/wii fit (cant afford a gym membership haha so we will work out in front of our tv) and my biggest thing on my list is...


ha ok this is a bit extreme but I could pull it off haha.

haha how funny is that though. It kinda hit me that from January on I will be in the classroom 5 days a week 9 months out of the year and I do NOT have anywhere near enough dress clothes to make it thro like a week haha. I used to work in child care so didnt need nice clothes for that, starbucks just gave me a lot of black and kakhi pants (not nice ones haha) and I have a lot of skirts but as an elementary music teacher, skirts arent idea haha. I cannot wait to get into the classroom!

That is why this election year is HUGE for me and my fellow music majors. The School Override Bill is crucial for students to get special areas. Without this bill passing many areas such as art, music, band, PE, and SOOO many other areas that children need and thrive in will be cut in many districts. I cant imagine never giving students the opportunity to find their passion and their gifts adn to give them creativity through the arts.

PLEASE.. no matter who you vote for... just VOTE!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Christmas at the Hann's...in OCTOBER!

Christmas? In October? Yah well marrying Jeremiah Hann means that on exactly October 1st Christmas begins. We kicked off Christmas season last night by watching Polar Express (it's tradition now). I fell asleep because we had the junior high talent show last night (which rocked!!)

So if you think it's too early to celebrate Christmas, talk to my hubby. I'm surprised we don;t have our Christmas lights up yet. Today before we left for the day he turned on the last scene of Polar Express to play the ending Christmas song...

Oh the things being married will bring out...

So for the sake of my husband's obsession....