Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Well both Jeremiah and I have finished our last round of HCG and are so proud of the results. We never cheated, never diverged and did it by the book and it has paid off! We don't plan on doing any more rounds of it- just maintaining a healthy lifestyle with food and exercise to keep our current weight and even lose a little bit more on our own.

Jeremiah is officially down about 70 pounds!!

I am officially down about 50 pounds!!

It has been such a great journey doing it on our own with HCG. We know that HCG is not a miracle diet and that we can gain it all back in a few weeks if we go back to our old lifestyle. We have learned so much during this process- SO much about food and realizing that food is really 90% of the weight loss battle. We look at ingredients now more than nutritional facts (while those are important- we now don't really want to be eating something a low 100 calories but with sugar as the first ingredient). We just look more closely about what is in our food... we eat a lot more fresh foods and organic foods when possible. We haven't had any processed food in 10 weeks and it's amazing how I haven't felt sick or anything all summer (which usually happens when I am done with school or preparing for school) and it's great!

We are so thankful that we did this being so young, before we have kids- so we can help our kids develop healthy eating habits. We know we will have our weekly treats or "free" meals where we can eat a few things that we wouldn't eat on a regular basis and we love that we can see those as a "treat" now and not our normal foods.

I'm stoked to go back to school 50 pounds lighter with so much energy.

We are officially doing our 2nd half marathon in February and excited to smoke our old time being so much lighter. Training starts in a few weeks. :)

God has blessed this time in our lives and we pray we have the discipline to keep it up!!