Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pastor with cancer... a lie!?

This story is just gaining traction today, and if you hadn't heard about it yet, you were probably going to soon.

Here's the nutshell version: Pastor Mike Guglielmucci was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He went home that day and wrote the song "Healer", which was featured on the new Hillsongs CD that released last week (titled This Is Our God). Integrity Music and Hillsongs felt it was an amazing story, because it was, and have featured the backstory to the song on the DVD and on the web. People from churches across the country were writing in with stories about healing they were receiving, perhaps as a result of proclaiming the truth of the song.

But news reports out of Australia today are reporting that it was all a lie. Michael lied to his fellow pastors, musicians, and even his own family. He does not have terminal cancer. And allegedly he is now seeking professional help.

This story is SOO crazy to hear. This is why people are turned away to Christianity (it's sad but big news stories like this people use as their justification for Christian hypocrites... granted there are many people in the world like Michael, just not as extreme). Its sad to think that this man has something seriously wrong with him that he lied to a church of thousands, his friends and his own FAMILY. His wife was even convinced that her husband had a serious life threatening illness.

There were many Youtube videos of this pastor singing his profound song and he was connected to an oxygen tank and come to find out.. it's all for show. Wow

Hard to believe this could actually happen. I hope he gets the help he needs and his family can come out praising God through all of this.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

weekend ups and downs

Well this weekend has been fun but been not so fun as well. Ha I am sick at home with the flu and jeremiah has to be at church from 7am-6pm tonight and I obviously opted to stay at home so that I dont get worse or get anyone else sick.

Friday night, though, was a blast. We decided to have every student from the praise band over to our house for dinner and game night. Just a fun night of fellowship and everyone getting to hang out.

check out some pics from the night! :)

We had mexican food, hung out, talked... the boys busted out their guitars and we had a spontaneous time of worship (doesnt get better than that) and then we played Disney Scene it (GIRLS WON!)

it was a great time!! I love these kids!

so now im trying to kill time while I am home alone... hard to do when you can barely get out of bed haha..

School starts next week. Hopefully my last semester of classes!

So my last full day to not have homework or anything and I'm sick.. BOO! :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

OUR house :)

So here are some overdue pictures of our house. we have worked so hard to get the house together and ready for any guests :) i love it so much and so blessed to have it!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

A Whole Day Off... Can it be?

So today has been one of the greatest blessings.... JEREMIAH AND I BOTH HAD THE WHOLE DAY OFF! I know... it's crazy. Since we got back from our honeymoon I have had straight work and school everyday and the ministry all weekend. Mondays/Wednesdays I had summer school from 7-noon, work from 12:30-5:30 and night class from 6-10pm and it was BRUTAL... and today we both ironically had the day off. It was great! Yesterday we had church ALL day and then a leader meeting last night and on those days, although they are an amazing encouragement, we end our weekend entirely exhausted.

So today we slept in until we felt like getting up, we watched some TV, layed around, made an actual lunch (ha no quick made PB&J on the way out)... we went to walmart and got a free movie rental (if you sign up at RedBox you get free rental codes no Monday/Wednesdays... and watched movies. We got I Am Legend (jeremiah hates scary movies but because it was in the daytime it was ok haha)... and then we watched our reality night shows (high school musical and the mole!) and then... we played Disney's Scene it!

We love playing games and it's always a fun competition... just grows our friendship which we see as a needed part to our marriage. We laugh so much when we are together and we are just enjoying our new life together. Things get hard being in the "real world"... mainly money because we are working hard on our small salaries to pay all bills and get everything taken care of.

God is good and He is and will provide if we are faithful to Him. I am the worrier in the relationship and doubt a lot that our needs will be taken care of. Jeremiah constantly reminds me that we will be ok... we might not always be filled with extra money but we will be taken care of. He is such a good man and I am more than blessed to be married to such a godly man. We are growing together, learning from the other godly couples around us and working everyday to make our marriage more pleasing to God.

Today was a blessing from God to remind us that no matter how hard we have to work each week, so matter how crazy of a week we might have, to never take for granted just a day at home together. :) tomorrow starts a normal week for us though... so time for bed! :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wedding slide show :)

So we haven't printed out any of our wedding pictures but I figured people are more inclined to see them here :) Enjoy

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Baby Mania

ha so we get married and just when I think I'm finally part of the "clan" of people around me.... join in on conversations, people feel better cuz now we can do things with other married couples... then... everyone goes and has BABIES! So much for being in the loop haha

I dont know what it is but the second you say "I do" people start saying "so when are you gonna have a baby?!?" People laugh at me when I say 3-5 years. We are in no rush to have babies... we are young, newly married and enjoying each other. I went to college and have worked my butt off to get my music education degree (so close.. almost there!) and I want to teach and enjoy that before I become a mommy. Jeremiah and I really have a desire to have me stay at home and watch our kids until they are school age and then go back to teaching and thats a big career hold that I'm not ready for just yet :)

God ultimately will choose the timing of a baby for Jeremiah and I, but as far as we are concerned, we are not planning a little one anytime soon :) 

we are so happy for everyone around us having babies and we will get o
ur fill from all the babies around us... we are not having a baby anytime soon (if we can help it... if God blesses us with one sooner than expected, we will be thrilled... but for now...we stay a young married couple with no children :) 

So to anyone feeling the need to ask when a baby is coming... save that question for a few years haha

For now we are happy with our family of 2 :)