Sunday, August 17, 2008

weekend ups and downs

Well this weekend has been fun but been not so fun as well. Ha I am sick at home with the flu and jeremiah has to be at church from 7am-6pm tonight and I obviously opted to stay at home so that I dont get worse or get anyone else sick.

Friday night, though, was a blast. We decided to have every student from the praise band over to our house for dinner and game night. Just a fun night of fellowship and everyone getting to hang out.

check out some pics from the night! :)

We had mexican food, hung out, talked... the boys busted out their guitars and we had a spontaneous time of worship (doesnt get better than that) and then we played Disney Scene it (GIRLS WON!)

it was a great time!! I love these kids!

so now im trying to kill time while I am home alone... hard to do when you can barely get out of bed haha..

School starts next week. Hopefully my last semester of classes!

So my last full day to not have homework or anything and I'm sick.. BOO! :)


kimbasa said...

i use to post my slideshows. got your message about game night- not a problemo! just let me know when you'd like to reschedule- and get better!!!

Stacey said...

I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling good! That's never any fun. We missed you at church on Sunday but it's probably better that you stayed home and got some rest!

Your house looked different than when we were there for the meeting last month. Did you make changes already?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie!!! I get to see you in 47 days! :) Yay! Hey, i just wanted to say that I Love you so very much!!! I hope you are feeling better and hanging in there with your crazy school schedule! I believe in you... finish strong! Xoxox Lauren