Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer 2010

Well so far this summer has been fabulous!! I have been super busy but it's been nice to just be busy with life and not life AND work/school haha. Our diet is coming to an end (well the super strict part) and we are both so thrilled. I'm down about 30 from when we started a few weeks ago, Jeremiah is down 40. Its been great. We are going to do 1 more 3 weeks cycle of it to get down our last 15-20 pounds and then maintaining it for hte long hall begins.

I am going to Idaho for 4 days to see one of my best friends get married and stand by her on this special day! Its so great to watch my friends go through this phase of their life now that Jeremiah and I aren't really considered "newlyweds" anymore (even tho many people would disagree haha).

Jeremiah and I are celebrating our 2 year anniversary and celebrating with a 7 day cruise in the Caribbean (SO THRILLED!!!) and so many people around us are having babies (including my best friend Lauren and I SO wish I could be there when baby Emily comes!) and it makes me want to have some of our own- so instead of going that route yet- we are getting kittens! I LOVE cats and I'm excited to have them in our house soon. Babies will, Lord willing, be in a few years- we are enjoying this time to just focus on each other and have a little bit extra money to splurge haha.

I'm enjoying summer- only about 5-6 weeks left and my second year will be so much easier than my first (in the sense of planning and having things to go off of!) There will be challenges ahead, joys to come and many things to look forward to!!