Sunday, March 29, 2009

Reality Show Junkie

I have to say, Jeremiah and I LOVEEEEEEEE reality TV- all reality tv (minus like nasty Jerry Springer Junk)... let's name a few we love!
The following are in no particular order :)

what can I say, we need some release from everyday life :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The first full day of spring break to do nothing and it is pure..... BLISS!!!!

I slept in... haha 9am was my max of sleeping in. But it has been wonderful. Yesterday Jeremiah and I spent the whole day together. We went to the Moreno's for a voice lesson with Cory. Then we went to guitar center to get some stuff. We drove to Deer Valley 30 and went to our favorite little restaurant- Bamboo Grille... MMMMM. Then we saw Taken (GREAT MOVIE!) Then we went to Penny's to give Hayley a little birthday surprise and then hit home for some dinner and a butt whooping to Jeremiah on Mario Party.

Today has been relaxing, cleaning and waiting for some mysterious package from FedEx that we dont know about. haha.

Brittini got married this past weekend and it was just perfect. The weather, the people, the bride and groom. Simply perfect. I am so proud of the woman Brit has grown into. I have known her since 8th grade and it's funny to see us be there for each other in our weddings and I hope we can have babies together one day and since we both live in the west valley haha it's perfect.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Oh thank the Lord for spring break!! 2 whole weeks of freedom. Gonna do some lesson plans, sleep, CLEAN BIG TIME, go to NAU for a weekend with Jeremiah and the rest of About the Author, go to the zoo with the Moreno's, hit up an awesome Christian concert, have some quality time with Penny and anyone else who is free too!!... I'm sure there is more but I'm trying to keep it pretty open so that I can rest.

It's hard to believe but I only have about 7 weeks left before my graduate- save the date---- May 8th at 11am! So exciting! Soon i'll get paid to bust my butt daily haha. The kids have been great these past 2 weeks- today we had a snowball fight with recycled paper, freeze dance, musical dots and much more- it was great!

Definitely up for these 2 weeks- hope everyone else is getting some much needed R&R also!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mixed emotions

well March has started off with just a blast of emotions. Birth(days), weddings, memorials... it's all too much at points. I sat at a memorial today for a girl who's life seemed to be cut very short, barely 20 years old. A girl full of life, love and from the standing room only at the church- full of impact and encouragement to others. That last night the same room was set up for a celebration of two lives being joined. God has so many things in store for us in life. That is evident this weekend with so many land marks in people's lives. Today the Whitney's mom (such a strong profound lady she is!) said something that reallly hit hard. Something that I have known most of my life but to hear her talk about her daughter who is in the presence of God really let it sink in. She said...
"no matter what happens in life, God is WORTHY to be praised." Whether we like what has happened, whether we understand.. God is still just as worthy to be praised as He was in the beginning and will be in the end.

Tonight I will be at one of my best friend's bachelorette parties- she gets married next week. I couldn't help but think- one day Jeremiah and I will lose each other (I always tell him that I have to go first because I can't even stay home alone for a night let alone a life time) and I have never lost anyone remotely close to me. Grandparents I have but I remember my grandma at the age of 90 telling me that she was ready to go home to Jesus. I can't imagine someone who's life seemed to hold so much more end so quickly. It reminds me that God is in control. It reminds me that the small things in life that consume my mind don't matter in the end. If God is at my center thoughts, I won't be consumed with the world's worries.

Whitney left a lifetime of memories and encouragement but her Savior is forever and now she is forever with Him. :)