Saturday, May 29, 2010

6 weeks is over- maintenance period begins!

Well 42 days has come and gone and we did it!! We successfully completed 6 weeks of hcg and we are so pleased with the results. 6 weeks, 26.5 pounds for me and 37 pounds for Jeremiah (nuts!)

It was REALLY hard at times but the scale and fit of our clothes was worth it all. We both still have about 20 pounds to go for our goal weight but to get this close to our goal weight is just wonderful! Jeremiah is the smallest he has been... well... in almost 10 years! He looks and feels great! I am putting on clothes (special dresses or few things I kept) from high school! A whole new wardrobe has to be purchased but it's SO worth it!

There were MANY times we wanted to quit, cheat or just felt discouraged. We were thankful we didn't and had people around us to encourage us!

We are now on a 3 week maintenance period. Still no sugars or starches but we go from 500 calories a day to 1500 calories! (sounds like SO much food after eating so little) but we don't have drops anymore and can have dairy, salad dressing, oils, all veggie's and fruits up to our allowed caloric limit. So wonderful! I had egg casserole and bacon this morning, melba toast with laughing cow spreadable cheese, a huge salad with cheese and dressing and turkey hot dog with chilli for lunch! So low in calories all those foods but SO delicious after a very limited menu before).

Our cruise is in 4 weeks so we are hoping to lose as much as we can by then and spend the rest of the summer getting down those last 20 pounds. Back to the gym this week (so excited) and much more going on in our lives!

Glad the hard part is now over!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Week 4- only 2 weeks left!

I can't believe we have been doing this diet for a month- NO cheats!

My body actually feels really good to not have had ANY sugars, oils, butters, white starches! So crazy - I remember the first week and I just thought I would never be able to do this- now it's 2nd nature!

While I do miss a lot of my favorite foods, I know that eventually I will be able to eat everything (in super moderation and being more conscious of what I'm putting in my mouth).

I had a revelation the other day because I weight myself at night (dumb idea haha) and I was 3 pounds heavier than I was that morning- now i know that your weight fluctuates during the day but 3 pounds! How was I going to lose 3 pounds just by sleeping. .. The next morning I had lost 4 pounds *which was a pound less than the morning before) and I got to thinking that by putting healthy food in my body all day, over night my body used that food ALL up- there was no excess food, fats, junk, to figure out what to do with- my body utilized every ounce of food and then I lost weight.

It was a huge breakthrough in thinking that if I help my body out by eating what it needs, I will get the results I was looking for.

2 weeks from today I will be able to have salad dressing, dairies, some oils and all the rest of the fruits and veges and just counting calories closely.

As of today I have lost 19.5 pounds!! (I am SO close to the 20 pound mark and so excited!!) We have 6 weeks until our cruise and my goal is 3 pounds a week until then to get failry close to my goal weight :)

Jeremiah, oh gotta love guys, has lost 27 pounds!! He has another 20 to lose until his goal weight and it's encouraging to see an average of 5-7 pounds of weight loss a week!

I just really desire to feel confident- I don't have a goal pant size really or a certain number that I feel would make me "happy" i just want to be confident and have my body reflect the energy, athleticism and personality I know I have but that might have been hidden by my weight.

Pics to come eventually :) Thanks for all your support!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Week 2 and going strong!

Well we are finished with the 2nd week of our new eating plan.

Great results and feeling good. Don't really feel hungry anymore, tons of energy and sleeping really well!!

We are on day 15 and I am down 12 POUNDS!! It's so awesome. I am starting to feel it and see it a bit. I think next week once we are closer to the 20 pound mark, it will be more obvious. It's been hard when the scale says the number is loser but I don't see it in the mirror or feel it in my clothes. Today I started feeling it in my clothes :)

Jeremiah has lost 16 pounds!!! He is doing really well and starting to feel it and see it more. It's been hard for him with the limited choices on food but we know it's only temporary and we will get all our food choices back again (just in moderation and smaller portions). We know this is a life change but we are ready for it. Getting ready in a few years for starting a family, we want to make sure we have a habit of a healthy lifestyle so we don't have to figure that out while starting our family. :)

We booked our cruise to the Caribbean last week- more motivation! We are both hoping to lose around 30 pound (Jeremiah probably more!) and we will be so confident on this trip and really enjoy ourselves. God has provided free plane tickets, cheap cruise price and the time off!

We are so thankful and blessed!! Stay tuned for week 3 results!