Saturday, May 1, 2010

Week 2 and going strong!

Well we are finished with the 2nd week of our new eating plan.

Great results and feeling good. Don't really feel hungry anymore, tons of energy and sleeping really well!!

We are on day 15 and I am down 12 POUNDS!! It's so awesome. I am starting to feel it and see it a bit. I think next week once we are closer to the 20 pound mark, it will be more obvious. It's been hard when the scale says the number is loser but I don't see it in the mirror or feel it in my clothes. Today I started feeling it in my clothes :)

Jeremiah has lost 16 pounds!!! He is doing really well and starting to feel it and see it more. It's been hard for him with the limited choices on food but we know it's only temporary and we will get all our food choices back again (just in moderation and smaller portions). We know this is a life change but we are ready for it. Getting ready in a few years for starting a family, we want to make sure we have a habit of a healthy lifestyle so we don't have to figure that out while starting our family. :)

We booked our cruise to the Caribbean last week- more motivation! We are both hoping to lose around 30 pound (Jeremiah probably more!) and we will be so confident on this trip and really enjoy ourselves. God has provided free plane tickets, cheap cruise price and the time off!

We are so thankful and blessed!! Stay tuned for week 3 results!


Thomas and Kara Leeper said...

You are really convincing me to try this... P.S. You do look amazing!!!