Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ringing in the New Year

Well it's been a long time since I posted. Things have been very busy but going really great.

Here are some highlights from 2010:

- Finished my first year of teaching! (hardest but one of the greatest things I've done!)
- Received my contract for another year at my same amazing school- seriously so blessed
- lost 50 pounds (gained some of that back but spending the next several weeks getting it all off again- definitely learned the struggle of the holidays with weight loss- haha we won't make that mistake again and we learned a lot but we don't want to continue to Yo Yo in our weight so we are taking this seriously now that we see how quickly it can come back)
- Celebrated 2 years of marriage- going on 3 years now!
- one of my best friends in the entire world had a beautiful baby girl
- another beautiful best friend got married!
- really clicked in our young married's small group and have found such joy in those friendships
- started my 2nd year of teaching and loving every day of it (ok well not always everyday but I definitely love what I do and know I was made to teach!)
- went on our first cruise (already planning our next one!!)
- Jeremiah is heading into his 5th year at Palm Valley Church and we bought a building and it's been a huge blessing to move forward and have our own space
- adopted 2 adorable wonderful kittens
- bought a new house closer to town and LOVE it to pieces
-struggled with my time with God and He continued to convict me to work actively on my relationship with Him and ready for 2011 and God to show up big!
- coached a middle school sport and loved the bonding time with my fellow coach and girls!
- and so many other little details that could fill pages and pages

2011 is going to be great... I pray God blesses us, stretches us, challenges us, and continues to provide so that we can bless others.

Bring it on 2011! :)