Sunday, May 16, 2010

Week 4- only 2 weeks left!

I can't believe we have been doing this diet for a month- NO cheats!

My body actually feels really good to not have had ANY sugars, oils, butters, white starches! So crazy - I remember the first week and I just thought I would never be able to do this- now it's 2nd nature!

While I do miss a lot of my favorite foods, I know that eventually I will be able to eat everything (in super moderation and being more conscious of what I'm putting in my mouth).

I had a revelation the other day because I weight myself at night (dumb idea haha) and I was 3 pounds heavier than I was that morning- now i know that your weight fluctuates during the day but 3 pounds! How was I going to lose 3 pounds just by sleeping. .. The next morning I had lost 4 pounds *which was a pound less than the morning before) and I got to thinking that by putting healthy food in my body all day, over night my body used that food ALL up- there was no excess food, fats, junk, to figure out what to do with- my body utilized every ounce of food and then I lost weight.

It was a huge breakthrough in thinking that if I help my body out by eating what it needs, I will get the results I was looking for.

2 weeks from today I will be able to have salad dressing, dairies, some oils and all the rest of the fruits and veges and just counting calories closely.

As of today I have lost 19.5 pounds!! (I am SO close to the 20 pound mark and so excited!!) We have 6 weeks until our cruise and my goal is 3 pounds a week until then to get failry close to my goal weight :)

Jeremiah, oh gotta love guys, has lost 27 pounds!! He has another 20 to lose until his goal weight and it's encouraging to see an average of 5-7 pounds of weight loss a week!

I just really desire to feel confident- I don't have a goal pant size really or a certain number that I feel would make me "happy" i just want to be confident and have my body reflect the energy, athleticism and personality I know I have but that might have been hidden by my weight.

Pics to come eventually :) Thanks for all your support!!


Lauren said...

YAY!!!!! I am so proud of you guys!!! :) Keep up the good work. I cant wait to see pictures! :) I miss you! xoxo

Ali said...

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