Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mixed emotions

well March has started off with just a blast of emotions. Birth(days), weddings, memorials... it's all too much at points. I sat at a memorial today for a girl who's life seemed to be cut very short, barely 20 years old. A girl full of life, love and from the standing room only at the church- full of impact and encouragement to others. That last night the same room was set up for a celebration of two lives being joined. God has so many things in store for us in life. That is evident this weekend with so many land marks in people's lives. Today the Whitney's mom (such a strong profound lady she is!) said something that reallly hit hard. Something that I have known most of my life but to hear her talk about her daughter who is in the presence of God really let it sink in. She said...
"no matter what happens in life, God is WORTHY to be praised." Whether we like what has happened, whether we understand.. God is still just as worthy to be praised as He was in the beginning and will be in the end.

Tonight I will be at one of my best friend's bachelorette parties- she gets married next week. I couldn't help but think- one day Jeremiah and I will lose each other (I always tell him that I have to go first because I can't even stay home alone for a night let alone a life time) and I have never lost anyone remotely close to me. Grandparents I have but I remember my grandma at the age of 90 telling me that she was ready to go home to Jesus. I can't imagine someone who's life seemed to hold so much more end so quickly. It reminds me that God is in control. It reminds me that the small things in life that consume my mind don't matter in the end. If God is at my center thoughts, I won't be consumed with the world's worries.

Whitney left a lifetime of memories and encouragement but her Savior is forever and now she is forever with Him. :)


Stacey said...

It's always hard to loose someone! When we lost Jeff's Mom just over a year ago it was so tough. I had no idea how to even comfort my own children because I have never even lost a grandparent in my life! We all were dealing in our own ways and that's good. You're right, we should continue to praise God no matter what the situation!