Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pastor with cancer... a lie!?

This story is just gaining traction today, and if you hadn't heard about it yet, you were probably going to soon.

Here's the nutshell version: Pastor Mike Guglielmucci was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He went home that day and wrote the song "Healer", which was featured on the new Hillsongs CD that released last week (titled This Is Our God). Integrity Music and Hillsongs felt it was an amazing story, because it was, and have featured the backstory to the song on the DVD and on the web. People from churches across the country were writing in with stories about healing they were receiving, perhaps as a result of proclaiming the truth of the song.

But news reports out of Australia today are reporting that it was all a lie. Michael lied to his fellow pastors, musicians, and even his own family. He does not have terminal cancer. And allegedly he is now seeking professional help.

This story is SOO crazy to hear. This is why people are turned away to Christianity (it's sad but big news stories like this people use as their justification for Christian hypocrites... granted there are many people in the world like Michael, just not as extreme). Its sad to think that this man has something seriously wrong with him that he lied to a church of thousands, his friends and his own FAMILY. His wife was even convinced that her husband had a serious life threatening illness.

There were many Youtube videos of this pastor singing his profound song and he was connected to an oxygen tank and come to find out.. it's all for show. Wow

Hard to believe this could actually happen. I hope he gets the help he needs and his family can come out praising God through all of this.


Stacey said...

That is incredible Amber! I went on and watched the interview of him confessing and it's crazy. He's so honest and open about the fact that he lied and misled people! Thanks for posting about this story.

I'm glad he's now getting the help and hope he needs. I just pray it won't cause to many to fall away from the truth!