Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I am sooo excited about going to Wicked tonight! I had that soundtrack memorized right when it came out 6 years ago! My girlfriends and I would sing "Popular" while driving in the car! Such a cute, great, AMAZING musical. If you haven't heard any of the music, go to Youtube or something and listen! It is great!

Jeremiah has never seen it and my parents have a friend who could get great seats for free- so as an anniversary present they got us tickets to go with our family. We love musicals- our favorite part about Disneyland i the Aladdin musical they have (at Cali Adventure- it's like an hour long- go check it out!)

Anyway.. all that to say- we are going to get all dressed up, head to dinner with the fam and then have our minds amazed!

Pictures soon!


Lauren said...

:) I remember the days driving around in our cool cars and singing to the soundtrack at the top of our lungs!!! HAHA!
I hope Jeremiah loves it, and I'm sure he will!
Random- but I also love the Aladdin musical at California Adventure. I was not expecting it to be that good when we went. I think maybe the 4 of us should try to go see it this winter!!! :)
Love you!