Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And it begins...

Well this is my first day as an official "blogger." I guess when you get older, "blogging" is more accepted than Myspace, so this is the alternative!

As much as I feel like I have had significant moments in my life to document, now I feel like my "life has been reborn" in a sense. I am learning to live in a whole new world, new expectations, new job, new emotions... It's all new! So this is the time I felt like I needed to get my moments out there for others to share in, comment about or just keep up with my life. This is also a way to remind myself how good God is and to share those joys and struggles with the world and remind me how real and alive God truly is.

Jeremiah and I have been married a month now and wow did the time fly by. It was the most beautiful wedding, everything I had ever dreamed of

and.... now.... it's over.

You plan for months and months and in a few hours... it's over... wow

I never imagined that it would come and go this quickly and that life would hit so fast. It has been a blast and we are learning so much about each other and about ourselves. It's the best and most difficult thing ever but it is such a blessing.

I started a new job at starbucks and I love it! I love working with adults (I worked in childcare the past 3 years and getting a degree in education... so I needed a break)... I am meeting so many interesting people and God is stretching me. I have never worked in a secular environment before so it is difficult to know the boundaries of conversation and whatnot. I actually have been able to share a lot with my coworkers and customers... one of my managers actually came to church with me this past weekend. Known her 4 days and she asked to come to Palm Valley... it was the biggest throw off ever... It was ALL God.. I just gave her the directions :) She loved it.

I love Palm Valley for so many reasons but this reason is top on my list- We strive to reach ALL people for Christ... we are not a church that has a 'typical' member. I LOVE THAT... People with all backgrounds, styles, personalities find ways to connect at Palm Valley and hear the good news of Christ. Thank you to all you churches who strive to reach all people for Christ and are not afraid to try new, crazy ways of reaching out.

This will be one of many posts as my schedule is so busy and writing my thoughts down seems to help keep me sane :)

I pray that I am a blessing to someone reading and readers are a blessing to me through comments, suggestions or just personal stories of their life.

God Bless


Julie said...

I have to say that I loved your wedding ceremony. All the stories that the pastor told were awesome and gave us a lot of insight into your history. And you looked beautiful of course!

Stacey said...

I love all the pictures! I so wish Jeff and I could have been there to celebrate in your Big Day. It sounds like you had a wonderful wedding. I'm looking forward to getting to know both of you more as we work in student ministries this next year!!

Vicki said...

Welcome to the blogging world. Your wedding was one of the most beautiful we have seen. Thanks for allowing us to share the moment!