Monday, July 28, 2008

Another crazy weekend as a youth pastor's wife

Well, this weekend was absolutely nuts but such a blessing at the same time.

Being a youth pastor's wife comes with so many curves and turns and long weekends. I remember looking back several years ago in high school and vowing that I would never marry a youth pastor. I don't really know why, I just for some reason was really turned off by the idea. I wanted to marry a teacher, and be fellow teachers and... well that was the "dream."

I fell in love with a man that loves teaching... but in a different setting and God opened my eyes to that joy. I am SOO blessed every weekend but the 250 kids that walk through the youth doors at Palm Valley. This weekend we had a record high of 240 kids total! That is amazing. Our Saturday night service which maybe topped out at 20 students had a record high of 41!! God is so good. We are running out of room in each service as so many kids are attending.

I read this blog called It is such a fun thing to read the thoughts of other women married to youth pastors. I get ideas, tips, and encouragement knowing that so many other people are in the exact situation as I am in! I love it!

Each weekend we are at church on saturdays from 1-8pm and on Sunday's from 7am-2pm. It's a LONG weekend. I pray that I don't get schedule to work on Monday's just so I can have that time with Jeremiah (that is his day off) and get that time to rest. Ha today I have school from 7-noon, work from 12:30-5pm and class from 6-10 pm. Doesn't get any less relaxing than that! Summer school is almost over, so I will be glad to get that nightmare of a schedule out of the way.

I never thought, looking back, that I would have fallen in love with youth ministry. It's hard, I get worked up sometimes about it, but it has to be one of the most fulfilling parts of my life! We have the best leaders, students and staff. It's great and I love showing up each weekend and see how the leaders will step up again and prove that they are there with the same passion and drive to see these students "get it." Seeing students click with a message or talk about it later is the most rewarding thing ever. Seeing my husband pour his heart out and challenge students' lives is even more rewarding.

Needless to say, despite these 15 hour days, I am encouraged to know that once this week is over, I will again walk through the doors of Palm Valley and start another crazy, awesome weekend all over again!
Until next time :)


Stacey said...

I love our youth, too! What a blessing it is to work with each of you and with those students. We definitely have an awesome team right now!!