Sunday, February 22, 2009

Big Star

I am so proud of Cory. I met cory about a year ago when his dad said "he is pretty shy about singing but has a great voice." Ha jeremiah and I never knew what would come out of that little body! I now have the privilege of having Cory in my voice studio and I am so excited to take his God given talent and work with him. He has also been selected to sing for many other sports games (D-backs, Coyotes, and hopefully Suns). He is a remarkable boy with a lot to offer other than his voice and I am excited to see where his voice and God's plan will take him! :) check him out on YouTube by clicking the video below!!


Stacey said...

He is amazing! I have clicked on the video so many times and I'm hoping he wins. What a sweet young man with a talent that is incredible!