Saturday, February 7, 2009

Inducted into adulthood

Well my family, entire family of over 50 people, gets together every month without fail. We do birthdays and do it at a different house each month. Well after some debate and hard negotiating I convinced them that now that I am first grandchild of SEVERAL to get married that I can be considered an adult. Adult means you sit with the adults, you exchange gifts with the adults (not $7 gifts from another kid haha- literally the max is $7 for a kid) and you get to host dinners.

So this month was mine and it was adults only (we do one adult only get together a year and we decided to do it at my house since it's smaller)... well Jeremiah and I cleaned all day long (well all week long) and I cooked all day and all yesterday to make a 4 course meal. My dad and mom came over early and my dad helped relandscape our front yard a bit (took our our ugly cactus things! and put in some flowers.. yay)
well it went great! I think people assume that if you are young, married and have a place that the place has to look like a dorm room or something. I just love how we did our house (With the help of my mom and Penny!-thanks!!)... it's sophisticated and modern and my family was a bit shocked I think at how nice it looked.It made me feel very good about the work we have done to this house and the time spent making it fit us and be warm and inviting.

Next is the backyard but... hah we'll see. Now jeremiah has set up for church at 9 at night which leaves me to clean up and do some more laundry :)


The Botmas said...

thats awesome that your family gets together so much. how fun! we need to come check out your adorable house

Stacey said...

I think you did an awesome job on your house! So fun to see you enjoying life and getting all set up as a married woman :o)