Saturday, May 23, 2009

One Heck of Summer So Far

Well it's been 2 weeks since I graduated and it has been SO eventful (great and horrible at the same time).

After graduation, I knew I had 2 weeks of "free" time before jr. high camp madness, but I never expected those 2 weeks to be totally full from the start.

I had a day with Jeremiah, just to ourselves, and Tuesday was the most uneventful day of the 2 weeks. Wednesday I went back to the school I student taught at and helped with the talent show and whatnot and Thursday the madness began. Thursday I had a zillion things to do after graduation, thank you cards, organizing things around the house and Friday morning I got the best call ever... "Hello Mrs. Hann, I am calling to schedule an interview with you for Country Place Elementary School for the music teacher position."

I just about panicked and called Jeremiah and my family... haha didn't even have a job, but just an interview freaked me out! So I started looking up interview tips and questions and whatnot. Saturday was the Phoenix Children's Chorus alumni concert so I got to see some old friends and loved watching Jeremiah play bass.

Sunday came around and I got another phone call.. "Hello Mrs. Hawn (haha), this is the future principal for Littleton Elementary School and I would like to schedule an interview with you for the music teacher position at our school."
WHAT!?!? This was unreal!

I got super sick on Sunday but sucked it up on Monday for my interview, I felt very confident in the interview but there were 4 other people interviewing. I get a call on Tuesday evening "Hello Mrs. Hann, this is Mr. Matera from Country Place Elementary and I would like to recommend you for hire to Human Resources for the general music/choir position at Country Place." (I ALMOST SCREAMED!)

Well after much counsel, I decided to go on the second interview I had on Wednesday, got a call Wednesday evening saying "Hello, Mrs. Hann (she figured out how to say it correctly) I would like to recommend you for hire to HR for the music position at Littleton." OH GEEZ.

So long story short- I felt more pulled towards Country Place and their direction for the music program (while Littleton was a great, warm environment). I accepted the position at Country Place.

So this week amidst a great sickness (severe UTI and a viral infection in my stomach), I leave for camp on Monday, and a week from this Monday I go down to the Department of Education and get my teaching certificate and soon after go down to the district to sign my contract :)

I am soooooo nervous to actually be a teacher, alone, on my own- my OWN classroom. I already subscribed to a music teacher's magazine that I LOVE and have several things I want to get for my classroom. YAY my dream has finally come true and thinking about actually having a FULL TIME pay check is unreal!

thank you for all of your support, encouragement- next year will be but I know I have great people around me to help! :)


Amy T Schubert said...

SOO proud of you! 2 interviews in your 1st week of attempts? Superstar.

also, the Hann-Hawn-Hahn thing? Yea, one of the #1 reasons I had no problem taking my hubby's name when I got married. That and the 75 Hann-boy cousins I have to carry on the family name.


Amber Hann said...

haha yah Amy I guess I'll keep the Hann legacy going for the girls! It gets SOOoOoOo annoying to correct people. I just say to some people "How would you say "ANN"- now just add a "H" before it"

Now our poor children will have to suffer with it haha.

Stacey said...

I'm so excited for you Amber!

NanAZ said...

Congratulations! And the Hann, Hawn, Hahn, Han, Hand thing...well it never ends, so now I just correct people that I know I will be around long term. I don't even bother correcting people most of the time. I went from last name "Perkins" which can't be misspelled or mispronounced, to Hann which has both. I usually say, "like Hand without the D" and tell them that it's English, not German. Sometimes that helps.

Lauren said...

I hope camp is going well- I am just so blown away that it's already been almost a year since your wedding. WOW! Time flies! Werent you sick this time, last year? We've gotta get you hooked up on vitamins this time next year to avoid this! :-/
Anyways, you are done with your schooling and I'm so proud of you. Enjoy this time of having 2 paychecks and a wonderful schedule! You were made to be a music teacher... You explain things to people in a way that really makes sense! :)
I love you! And i'm SOOOO happy we are friends!

Celine said...

I hope camp goes well!!!