Saturday, May 2, 2009

Question for you!

Well now that I have this summer to unwind a bit... (this year has been more than eventful- marriage, buying a house, last semester of school driving 90 miles a day, working at 3am, student teaching 40 hours a week with no pay, passing my AEPAs and as of next week- graduating). I have junior high camp in a few weeks, and our vacation in June. Other than that I am planning on teaching voice, looking for a teaching position and catching up on life!

My question to you is:

What do you do to relax, unwind, refuel... what fills you back up?? I'd love to hear your thoughts and encourage others to take that time! :)


The Botmas said...

most of the time i look for and encounter really akward moments, and text/pic message them to j-mih. if im not doing that i am reading those same moments sent to me via text/pic message from j-mih. very relaxing.

The Botmas said...

come visit us on the east side! we have a pool and a hammock. also VERY relaxing. mi casa es su casa!

Amber Hann said...

haha Grant, still the same. God bless your wife! haha. How is being a daddy? how is Cambria!? We will definitely try to come out this summer. we have been swarmed with stuff and the fact that you live almost 100 miles away from us, haha makes that hard. Thanks for keeping J entertained with your random texts. He appreciates it!

kimbasa said...

I read to wind down and relax... it's glorious! :D

and... go to DLand to refuel!!! :D

Penny said...

Gardening, reading magazines, paper crafting, sewing, shopping with my sister...