Saturday, November 1, 2008


So we had the church picnic today and it was amazing. So many students and adults got baptized and it was really moving (shed a few tears).

But the biggest question I have is...


I was sweating to death at the picnic, it was in the 90s and it's almost thanksgiving. that's ridiculous!! My electric bill was still over $60 less than it was last month which is great but man i want to stop turning on my air!

SO last night we had our first ever trick or treaters and I was like running around the house SOO excited about having our own house and handing out candy (jeremiah was laughing soo hard at how giddy I was being). The parents thanked us for passing out candy because only like 3 other ppl on our block were passing out candy. We just tried to smile to each kid and parent and try and encourage the families we met even with a simple "have a good night."

I have pretty much settled in on a teacher to student teach with next semester. I'm meeting with her next week. Her school is... check this out... 5 miles from my house!!!!!!!! Oh I cannot even explain the joy that comes from finding her. She is a believer and has been teaching music for like 15 years. I drive over 90 miles everyday to and from school and I will go from an hour and a half drive to a 15 minute drive.

God totally opened doors for that and now we are trusting that He will take care of us financially because we have decided that for next semester I won't work. I can't do it anymore. I work 30 hours a week, go to school and take 8 classes, ministry is my entire weekend and I drive 12 hours a week to and from school. I want to dive into student teacher and enjoy my last semester of being in college and not being exhausted or emotional or worn down. This semester has been the hardest ever and I have not taken care of myself in the way that I need. I have been beat down by life and I refuse to go into my first year of teaching because exhausted and not fired up. Jeremiah is so supportive and is willing to do everything to help us make it without me working for a few months. The gas alone will save us a ton of money and smaller electric bills for a few months. I just pray we can stretch our money and be good stewards of the little we have. God is good and I need to know He will take care of us. I cant imagine He would want to see me the way I have been for any longer, I already am ignoring his screaming of "SLOW DOWN.. FIND PEACE IN ME!" and I cant ignore that voice anymore.

I am sooo excited for next semester... I just need to get through the next 2 months :) I can do it.



Penny said...

That's wonderful about the student teaching position! I will be praying for it to come about. Keep me posted!
And God can take care of the next two months for you!

Penny said...

I just saw the "Hi Penny"! I miss you, too. I'm having a great time here, though. Check my blog. I'm updating it right now...

Stacey said...

You're going to do great the next 2 months! They'll probably just fly by anyway. So exciting to hear about the teaching job. Plus, you get to quit working at Starbucks! Woohoo, so glad to hear you're slowing down and taking it easy!

karebearg1 said...

That is so exciting! I am so happy for you...Praying that everything will work out in your favor!

And yes, the picnic was so HOT!