Thursday, November 13, 2008

Time Flies!

Can't believe it's been a year since Jeremiah proposed. Memories and milestones like that get me so excited for our first anniversary and our first child and our first.... well I am not thinking that far ahead (haha even our first child is years away so i'll stop there before I get questions about babies and stuff haha).

For those of you who have not heard the proposal story... I will post it... it makes me cry everytime to read because wow did he do an amazing job. I will copy and paste the story that I wrote a few days after he proposed.

I just want to tell you Jeremiah that you are the most amazing man I have ever met. You inspire me, you put my needs first, you make me laugh and most of you love me for me. Your passion for Christ and ministry astounds me daily and our lives have just begun!

Here goes the LONG story. Skip it if you have read it... or cry along with me and read it again haha. Pictures below :)

First off I want to say that Jeremiah is incredible and has lied through his teeth the past month in making me think that he was no where near ready to get propose. Led me to believe that he doesn't have the money for the ring and might not until Christmas... (i was pretty sad) So here it goes.... So I thought the engagement was going to happen Tuesday night because i found out that Jeremiah was conspiring with Melissa (my great friend and old roommate of the past 2 years) and she had asked me to go out on Tuesday night so i assumed that that was the day. So Monday (the day before) Jess and I went shopping for a banquet dress for myself and her dad is the one that jeremiah was getting the engagement ring from and she had talked all afternoon about how Jeremiah hasnt talked to her dad and that she has no idea why he is not prepared. I was livid. I was so upset that he just wasnt preparing at all or wasn't even close. So yah we get a dress at Ross and go to the mall to hang out and just as I am about to get into my car to leave, she goes "Oh wait i have something I forgot to give you" and she pulls out of her purse this huge white envelope with the number 1 on it...I FLIPPED OUT... MY HEART SANK! I knew right then what was going on but had no idea what was happening.
She told me to open it and follow the instructions. So we got into her car and I read the first one and it had a rhyming clue telling me to go to the first place that we met at my freshmen year. Also inside the envelope was a CD of 20 of our favorite love songs for me to play in the car ride. So the first place we met was at the first floor of the RES hall at Southwestern by the elevators. So I get there and Melissa comes out with my 2nd clue. So I open that and read it and it rhymes again and tells me to go to the place where we had our first date. So we drive all the way to Castle's N Coasters (we played mini golf) and Gus and Steve (two of jeremiah's best friends and great friends of mine) were standing there for clue 3. So i open that one and it says to go to the first place we held hands (which was in downtown phoenix in between US Airways Center and Bank One Ball Park... so we drive all the way down there and Robby and Kelly (his old roommate of 4 years and my old RA who are married now) are standing by the cross walk where we first held hands and i got my 4th clue So I open it and it says to call this number to talk to an old friend. So I call it and its my best friend Lauren in California. She gives me my next clue which says to go to a place where you get reclaimed fish water in the face (aka the fountain at the lake/park in Fountain Hills which is where we first talked about if we could see ourselves marrying each other). So we drive ALL the way there (i'm freaking out by this point and Jess is laughing it up!)
So we get there and there is a parking spot reserved with my future name on it (Amber Nicole Hann) and we park there and I can see someone in the distant stnading there but i didnt know if it was him or someone with my next clue. I didnt want to get out because i was scared haha. So I finally get out and I hear over some speaker the song "Love of my Life" by Michael W. Smith (which is the first song we danced to and was our first dance at the wedding) playin in the background. And i see jeremiah standing in the middle of the park in front of the huge fountain that i LOVE. So i get up to him and hold his hand and he says "Amber I love you more than anyone. I want to make you smile every day.. I want to share a life of ministry with you. I will love you until the day we both die" and then he got on his knee and pulled out the ring and said "Amber Nicole Mollerup, will you marry me?" Just as he did that, the fountain shot up behind us.. (he timed it!) All i could say was "oh my gosh oh my gosh" and then when he asked i said "yes" like 50 times!! :) So we took pictures and then I got into his brother's mustang that he borrowed and he had bought me every bridal magazine in the store :) So we called everyone and went to our parent's house and the rest is history!!!


NanAZ said...

Wow! It made me cry too. What a great guy you have. How in the world did he time it so perfectly after driving all over town?

I think you need to hold on tight to him. He's a keeper!