Wednesday, December 10, 2008


How exciting is that! I mean until I go for my Masters, I am done sitting in a classroom and taking notes, taking tests, writing long pointless 20 page papers (this semester was a beast with a 50 page paper... That's a book!)

I am kind of in a weird mood now that it's all over. I'm definitely not sad.. I'm sure one day I'll miss college life but as for now.. i'm not sure how to feel. I got really anxious last night not having a million things on my mind. All I have to think about is getting myself to work (my last official day will be Christmas Eve I believe which is kind of crazy). So between now and the GO missions trip, my only real focuses are work, girls Bible study lessons and deep cleaning my house. That has really never happened. ah!

I have pretty much finished my Christmas shopping. I bought Jeremiah's yesterday which was a big relief cuz I was blanking on what to get him, but it hit me yesterday.. got to get a few more things to get for Jeremiah's family but other than that we are done. Once I get my USB cable, I will uploud pictures of our decorated house and our tree. Jeremiah did a great job putting up lights, I trimmed bushes so that our house looked a little nicer. He accidently dropped a hammer on his head, which was on the top of hte ladder... that was a big pain! but it's all done and I would say our house looks the best on the block! :)

I am really trying to encourage and influence the people I work with for the last few weeks i"m there. I have really really enjoyed working at Starbucks, some of the people were so wonderful and I have formed worked friendships with many. I have been able to share my faith with a lot of them and that was God's sly challenge to put me in a secular job and test me faith. My biggest challenge for this coming up semester with more time to spare is to be more consistent in my quiet times. This semester took a toll on my physical body and my spiritual body. God has given me this time and I need to give Him the time back.

Next week Jeremiah and I go to Sedona for 3 days and I'm super excited to get that opportunity from a great family friend for free. We are going to just spend that time together, not working, not doing church stuff, not doing household things.. just enjoying each other and our time away from home. :) super excited!

Off to get ready for work! Hope everyone is ready for Christmas!! :)


Penny said...

When I finished college I couldn't even bring myself to think of going for my masters then. I was so glad to be finished. I liked college but it was nice to not have the tests and papers! Congratulations!!!!

karebearg1 said...

Yay you're done! Congrats!