Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Where are you Christmas?

Gosh this holiday season is flying by. Probably because I worked right up until Christmas day... never done that before. I got my Christmas shopping done weeks ago which was nice but with so much going on right after Christmas, it was good that I did.

This holiday season has been hard (as other staff spouses can attest to I'm sure). We have 6 Christmas services in 2 days and that means staff is virtually gone for 2 days right before Christmas. It's been hard, not going to lie. Our first Christmas together wasn't really what I imagined. Haha home alone on Christmas eve has been a different feeling. THe Christmas service was powerful, everyone did a great job, but I'm ready to have my Christmas now... selfish i'm sure but oh well :)

So tomorrow we leave our house at 7am and are hitting up 4 families and trying to give everyone enough time so they don't feel jipped... haha we still haven't decided when we are doing our personal Christmas and gift exchange. PRobably not until the day after Christmas because we are committed to family until 11pm tomorrow night.

haha this almost makes me want to have a baby so that people will just come to us or something (i'm sure it will be more crazy with a baby) but at least people will understand the chaos of driving 60 miles and spending a few hours with each family. This is the first year that I don't get to see my dad's side because of Christmas services and whatnot... sad but I know God has called us to this life and somethings mean sacrifice. So enough of my "woe is me" haha... I pray tomorrow is relaxed, full of laughs, and a very memorable first Christmas as a married couple. I'm sure this won't be the craziest yet! ;)

Merry Christmas everyone!!



Penny said...

So you do have shoes other than flip flops...Ha ha! Nice picture. Merry Christmas!

NanAZ said...

Our first few Christmas's were pretty crazy too. Eventually you'll just have to spread it out over the week and hope that your extended families will be cooperative. Once you have kids, you won't want to go anywhere on Christmas day.