Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The End is NEAR!!!!

I can't believe my last week of classes is here.... ahh it's incredible. What's even more incredible is that my SENIOR RECITAL IS TOMORROW!!! (7pm at Church of the Holy Spirit.. 2501 E. Cactus Rd. Phoenix, 85032)

I am wayyyy nervous only because I've been working for so long toward this and it is finally here. I am kinda nervous there won't be many people there... I know it's on a wednesday and thats hard for people... I didnt have a choice though so it's tough. Oh well. I know all my songs and I am so happy to finally be at this point. I remember a few months ago just sitting in my room crying because I just did not think I could make it through this difficult semester. It has been a very long past few months but a week from today.... I AM DONE WITH SCHOOL!! AHHHHHH!!!

I told my boss yesterday that I would be quitting after Christmas and he was very understanding and it was a big relief to make this step of faith and just do it. I have worked myself so hard these past few years and I just can't do that while i"m student teaching. Im afraid I would get so burned out with teaching after another tough semester of full time teaching and part time working. My time at Starbucks has been amazing. I have made some great friendships with people that I never would have met. My faith was tested and I was able to share Christ with so many coworkers. It was wonderful. I am alll giddy about being able to focus on student teaching and ministry and not 7 classes, senior recital, 30 hours of work, driving 3 hours everyday, homework and the whole ministry, not to mention personal life.. each week. Gosh it's gonna be great.I'm so thankful that God provided EXACTLY what we needed for next semester. Literally (no more or no less.. it's just wonderful!)

So off to school.. .tomorrow I have the whole day off so I can sleep in and relax before I work my butt off at my recital haha. ALmost done... thanks for all of your encouragement.. the end is near!