Thursday, January 8, 2009

First week as a teacher

Well this week has had it's ups and downs and many more ups!

The first two days started off rocky because I was sick and exhausted from not really having a winter break. Yesterday and today were great. I got to meet the school staff and sit through my first inservice meeting and that was reallllyy interesting (honestly). Sad to hear how little money Arizona has left for schools but still interesting to hear some honest answers to questions.

I love the kids... some are not so loveable but makes me want to love them more. I am learning a lot but I really am ready to jump in and teach. Sometimes I start taking over the class while my teacher is distracted with something and then I have to back up a bit because I forget that it's not my classroom haha.

Today we learned the hand movements to this song the kids learned and one little girl and boy started crying because they could not get it and they were getting so frustrated (so sad to see a second grader cry over not succeeding), so i sat individually next to them (one boy has special needs) and taught them the movements really slowly and once they got it their face lit up! it was just wonderful!! Sad that there are so many students and so little special areas (music, art, PE, etc) that the teacher can't help each student individually.

Tomorrow we are going to a music conference (the teacher and I) and I am so excited to be with music teachers from all over the state and learn from everyone. Hopefully it will be great!!

So this week has been great all over. Hearing "Hi Mrs. Hann" is soooo weird because I'm used to Miss Amber haha. I feel too grown up haha. Oh well. :)

God is provding financially in SO many small ways and through different people and it is so great.

It's day 7 of the new year and my goal is to consistently do my devotions and now on day 7 I have done 7 devotions/SOAPs and it's so great to see how God can use that time and really speak to me!

Hopefully next week will be even better!


Stacey said...

I think it will be weird for Josh since he's used to calling you Mrs. Amber!

Penny said...

Great job on the daily devotions. I'm doing the same thing and so far, so good. Of course, it is only January... Glad to hear your first week went well even with the sickness and unusual lesson plan schedule. Have a great week two, Mrs. Hann.