Sunday, January 4, 2009

Student teaching!

Well tomorrow I begin my first day of student teaching. I pray it goes well, I pray I learn A LOT, I pray the children take to me well and I learn the balance needed in a classroom. While I'm not nervous to teach or anything (that stuff thrills me!) I am nervous that It will be overwhelming. This will be the best semester... I can feel it... no more 2 hour drives... no more working 13 hour days (ha my schedule is 7:45-3:45) so i will be home when Jeremiah gets home (HALLELUJAH!) and I will get more rest.. I am starting to plan out lunches and meals... it's just a good stable feeling.

Can't wait to get paid to do this :) (haha going from one paycheck to 2 full time ones will be SOO NICE)

I hope I can sleep tonight!! haha


Stacey said...

I know Josh is excited for the first time he will see you at school. He'll probably be telling all his friends he knows the music teacher ;o)