Saturday, January 24, 2009

I hate surprises

Which is why very few times in my life there are surprises because I'm a snoop. Haha almost blew my own engagement because I snoop a lot. Haha so my birthday is next week and I really wanted to go to the Desert Botanical Chihuly Exhibit

so I just happened to ask jeremiah if he had anything planned and he said "well nothing set so far" (since we are going to Red Lobster on Monday (my birthday is Thursday but the crab is cheaper on Mondays haha- we are so cheap) and I said "well I was going to go to the exhibit and I can get tickets really cheap" and he goes "haha another surprise almost ruined-that's where I was planning on taking you but I figured I couldn't keep it a secret" so apparently he has something else planned that night and I won't poke around at that.... well maybe not haha


Hayley said...

Omgosh the Chihuly exhibit is AMAZING. We just went. :D

NanAZ said...

Crab is my absolute favorite food! There used to be a little restaurant in town that had all you can eat KING crab legs once in a while. Of course, the place isn't there anymore, but it was amazing.

I've heard the exhibit is wonderful, but we haven't been there either. It seems like perfect weather for it right now.

Stacey said...

I almost ruined my engagement night because I went snooping, too! I've never met anyone else that did that. Now I don't feel as bad. I HATE surprises so bad!

You'll have to let us know how the exhibit is. I know the Swanson's really enjoyed it :o)

The Botmas said...

your husband is great. grant and i always talk about how we wish we could hang out w/you guys more. we need to take a trip to that side of town soon. glad things are going so well.