Thursday, June 4, 2009

Vacation Update

I am so excited that we decided to go out on a limb and use priceline for our vacation in 2 weeks.

There was one set back but other than that - it was perfect!!

We bid on 4 & 3 1/2 star hotels and got some amazing deals. We are spending 1 night in Hollywood and we bid $60 and got the hotel Marriott in Downtown Los Angeles :) It's beautiful! The set back- they charge you to park (and you have to valet park) -boo. So we are going to try and park somewhere close and walk, but we'll see.

We next bid on hotels in San Diego and that was a bit harder, but we ended up getting another Marriott hotel really close to Sea World but again we got hit with a parking fee (I think we will have an easier time finding a place to park in San Diego but downtown LA might be harder).

Needless to say when we averaged our hotel rates at $70 a night for amazing hotels! Heck even if we have to pay the parking fee, it still makes the quality TONS cheaper than the normal price.

We are so excited to find great deals for this vacation and spend less money than we thought :)

We did our research for priceline and got lots of tips and it definitely paid off :) Give it a try sometimes!


NanAZ said...

Those are great rates and you can always be sure that a Marriott will be really nice.

Lauren said...

You are such a little planner! :)
Good job with finding such great hotel prices on Priceline! Marriotts are amazing. We always try to stay at them. Luckily when Will travels for the company they always put him up in Marriotts, and he get's points for each stay, so when he and I travel on our own we've never had to pay for our hotels, the points do. It's an amazing perk that we are both really happy about!
Nothing like a "Marriott Bed and Marriott Burger". HAHA! Everywhere in the world those 2 things will be consistent!

It would be a blast if we could meet up in Anaheim sometime around the Christmas season. Once we get our calendars, we should compare.

I love you!!!!