Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This is for you Lauren!

Well this summer were had many different ideas for vacation... we were not sure what this year would hold with my job situation so we planned on using some tax return money to get annual passes to Disneyland. This would ensure that no matter how type money continued to be that we would have a sure-fire vacation for the next year.

Well since the job offer at Country Place Elementary- we had been thinking of a less expensive summer trip since we want to save up to go to New York next summer (our favorite place ever!)

So my cousin told me about a deal that Costco has for a Southern California pass (it is on sale this summer). So we have decided we are going to get this pass which will give us a 3 day park hopper to Dland, 1 day to Sea World, 1 day to the San Diego Zoo and 1 day to Universal Studios!

Jeremiah has never been to San Diego or Universal Studios so we thought it would be so much fun to spend some time in Dland then spent the rest of the time in San Diego and LA. Gives us more of an adventure and will be fun to go a few places Jeremiah has never been. So now we have to make a few hotel arrangements (Pastor Greg might come in handy with his Priceline/Hotwire intelligence!) and might not be able to go hit up Saddleback but will definitely go to some church that weekend either in LA/Anaheim or San Diego (always fun to check out other churches and youth groups on our weekends off).

So that is our plan this summer. That gives us about a week to wind down, be together and get away and then I will jump straight into my classroom, meetings and ready for the school year.

For now I am relaxing, cleaning, meeting up with some girl friends I haven't seen in a while and getting lots of SLEEP!


Lauren said...

Ah yay!!! :) Thanks for this!
First thing I did when i got to my desk this morning was look to see if you'd updated!!
Sheesh! This is going to be an amazing vacation for you guys! You're going to have a blast! We are thinking of doing New York next year too. I love it there so much! Ahhh!
You always find such great deals on things, like these SoCal pass things... I am going to look for those when I go to costco next and see what it's all about!
Oh, by the way, i think I'm making that delicious meatloaf again tonight (just no ketchup on top)

I love you!

Amber Hann said...

haha so proud of you girl! For sticking it out each day and keeping a smile on your face!

I can't wait for NY next year!!! Already starting to plan some ideas haha.

Yah the SoCal pass is great but if you live in SoCal it's almost nothing for an annual pass- darn! oh well.

We definitely wanna go to Dland a few days during Christmas- I hear it's just beautiful there during Christmas.

Yay for meatloaf! Last night we made homemade pizza and it was sooo yummy. Teriyaki chicken with brown rice, enchiladas, mmmm i love finding new stuff.

NanAZ said...

Sounds like a great plan! When are you going? I may be able to help you with some discounted hotel rates at some Marriotts if you're interested. Not sure what price range you're looking at but Marriott has a pretty wide range and we've never been disappointed at one. I'll send you an email with the info.

You're right, D-Land is amazing at Christmas time! We went for our Dec anniversary the year before we moved back to AZ. It rained a lot, but was still beautiful.

Lauren said...

do you want to plan a double date trip to dland at christmas time? :)

Amber Hann said...

Hey Nancy thanks for the help :) we actually did Priceline yesterday and got all Marriott hotels for $70 bucks a night in Hollywood and San Diego (so excited!)

Lauren- HOW FUN WOULD THAT BE! We don't know our Christmas schedule yet so I'll let you know :)