Thursday, September 18, 2008

Glorious Morning

So today I did not have to work at 4am!! It was just delightful. I stayed up past 10 last night (haha ok so not too much past it) and I slept in AFTER Jeremiah. That never happens. I got up at 8 and did some homework, watched the news, ate breakfast (Not a starbucks drink... finally!!) It was just amazing. I feel so refreshed today. I have class and stuff until 5 tonight which means I wont get home til after 6 but I love not being wiped out by 2pm.

Tonight J and I are gonna go on a walk and it's just a great day. I like when God reminds me that I can find refreshment in Him and He can bring peace amidst the craziness. :)

Hope all of you find that refreshness given by the Lord.

Happy Thursday!


Penny said...

You're absolutely right about God giving us refreshment when we need it. So glad you had a "light" day compared to the recent crazy days. Enjoy your walk!

Anonymous said...

:) This made my heart smile for you! Enjoy the moments of fresh air and relaxation!!! Just think... you are almost done!
I love you ~lauren