Thursday, September 11, 2008

Scorpions! Oh no!

So we moved into our new house and never got it sprayed. Then we started noticing spiders here and there, other little bugs... now we have SCORPIONS! Ugh, killing a spider is gross and scary, and other bugs are just annoying but scorpions KILL! We found one the other week, a bigger one (so not as harmful... ha it was Jeremiah's first time seeing a live scorpion)... so we got a little worried. So after that we are conscious to always turn lights on and watch our steps as we walk an wear shoes as much as possible.

Last night I was being paranoid as usually looking at the ground and found a BABY scorpion. The most deadly. It was SOO tiny and I would have stepped on it had I not been looking cuz it was just crawling around the kitchen. Now we are more actively calling pest control people... we dont want to be in a monthy contract... haha don't have the money for that right now, but we just want a one time spray inside and out just to get them gone. We also might to buy a black light because a lot of ppl recommend that we go outside at night with a black light to find them and keep killing them!

We should do a reality show called Scorpion Hunters!!! :)

So that's the new exciting adventure in the Hann Home :)


Penny said...

Scorpion Hunters would be hilarious! Do it! Make a video! White t-shirts, black light...

I HATE scorpions. I've only seen one LIVE once when we lived in Phoenix 11 years ago. Hope you get rid of them ALL!

We have a good pest control company that is local and honest. Be glad to recommend them if you want their number.

kimbasa said...

hey- my friend jonathan said he DOES go to you should give him a call :)

we had fun the other night! thanks for coming over!!! :)

Stacey said...

I love out pest control service because we didn't have to sign a contract. The name is Younger Brothers and the phone number is 623-979-1111. They charge $25 per treatment and they will come whenever you call. If you decide to go with them please let them know we recommended you (we'll get a discount next time).

I've never seen a scorpion in real life either!