Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Students are GETTING IT!

This week has been entirely too inspiring for words (ha but somehow I am going to write this blog and explain).

This past Sunday was a Sunday dedicated toward hurting students. I think I forget all too often that despite their smiles as they check in and their clapping during worship, some are full of pain inside and no one takes the time to be real with them (myself included). So this weekend we allowed time for leaders to stand around the room and allow students to get up and go pray with a leader. It was POWERFUL!!

I could tell certain students wanted to get up but they didnt. Satan's words of "everyone will stare at you, you are fine, your problem isn't that big" rang loudly in some of their ears. I pray for those students now, that they break that wall of pride and insecurity in their life. Other students broke down. Some did because they were hurting and holding pain in for so long, others broke down because they finally saw the pain of their friends coming out strong. Whatever the emotion, God was in that room.

I prayed with several girls that Sunday and I was humbled and kind of ashamed of myself that I don't remember enough how hard teen years are. My teens years had some really hard times of hidden pain and sin but it felt like no one cared enough to be real with me and really find out what was going on. I dont want to be that kind of adult to teens. I got a letter from a parent of one of the girls just thanking me for being there for her daughter and that even my few words did not go unnoticed. It was a shock to me that the girl even went home and told her parents about the experience. God is good. He is faithful and He is alive!

So then that night Jeremiah surprised me with "date day." haha a whole surprise day with a date he had been planning for weeks. He is cute. We went to a park in Mesa and he had a whole picnic set up. It was great. It started getting too hot so we decided to go to the Christian bookstore just to look around. We spent like 1 1/2 hours in there just going through youth books and talking about ministry ideas. it was great. And I found out earlie that the whole reason for the date was to go to... THE BARLOWGIRL CONCERT!! I was stoked. I love that band and all they stand for. The tickets were general admission (so they were really inexpensive) and JEremiah knew the guy that runs all the Christian concerts, so he let us in early and we got to sit really close and we got to go to the meet and greet. It was great!

I forgot how much I need my personal time of worship. There were hundreds of screaming little girls for this band but I soaked up all that I could. I was reminded that the sin that I hold inside only stays there because I allow it to. Certain insecurities in my life grow so much because I let them and feed them inside of me. I need to daily surrender those. Great date day babe!!

This morning was See You At The Pole and we visited a couple of schools and it was awesome to see our youth kids standing up for Christ and praying for their school. Jeremiah and I were blown away by some kids that prayed and stood out in front of their schools only with like 1 or 2 other people. They were bold and they are living for Christ.