Monday, September 29, 2008

Moving on

Rough day at work but great weekend in the end. I got the privilege of hanging out with Penny's kids this weekend (they went out of town for their anniversary) and it was great. We watched a movie, J and Aaron played guitar. Hayley and I talked and did hair (typical haha) and then we went to church came back, had lunch and I gave Celine and Hayley a mini voice coaching for the song they are doing in the talent show at church. That got my fired up. I love helping kids with talent go to even the next level with a few encouraging words and suggestions. Talented kids in our youth group!!

Jeremiah is out of town on pastor's retreat and it's hard. I hate being away from him (especially when I am so stressed with school and stuff). So he is gone for a few days and then next weekend I leave for a few days for my best friend's wedding in San Francisco. We really both wanted to go but it was not anywhere near in our budget and I'm sad for that but there will be other things.

I'm excited for her. We have been friends for... wow 8 years now.

I am giving a speech at the rehearsal dinner and everytime I sit down to think about what I will say I start crying. She has been an inspiration to me and I'm so glad she found the man God has for her! It will be a fun weekend!!

Im hoping this week goes smoothly, I have a lot of studying and homework to do. I get Saturday off of work and then I nanny Saturday night for the cutest little boy, Bremer. I just pray I don't have a rough day at work (haha jeremiah won't be home when I get home to let me cry to him).

Thanks for all the concerns about the weekend. I love our church family!!


Stacey said...

Glad your weekend was much better! My Dad is out of town, too. My sister and Mom are trying to fill up their time. I know Adrienne and Nicole were also finding others to hang out with. I hate when my hubby is gone, even overnight. Hang in there!

How exciting to give a speech at the dinner. I will pray the words flow out easily and tears are good because it shows how much you truly care :o)

Penny said...

Amber, you are awesome! Thanks for being a great "big sister" and friend to Hayley! And thanks for the coaching for Hayley and Celine. I could tell you were enjoying it. You're a natural at it. And you are WAY talented. :)

Speak from your heart at the wedding and it will be perfect.

Vicki said...

You will do fine - my prayers are with Lauren. She is a beautiful Christian lady and truly an example. She is blessed to have a friend like you!!

Lauren said...

I'm crying. :) you are so sweet! I cant wait to see you!!!