Saturday, April 4, 2009

a new lifestyle

Well lately I just have been really convicted of our health and the "honeymoon" weight that we have put on. I have never been a "small" girl by anymeans but I was always athletic and I never worried about fitness or food because in high school I was at softball 6 days a week and my parents were health freaks so I always ate healthy. College hit and ramen noodles and microwave foods were cheap and easy with a busy schedule. I carried that into a marriage (not so much ramen noodles but just cheaper, easy foods) and I have been looking at pictures of us lately and even comparing to our wedding and how in 10 months we have let ourselves go.
So last week we decided not to make excuses anymore and we just went full force into a new lifestyle and while it has been somewhat of a challenge, we feel so good about the decision!

My dad is a fitness guru (as in he has like 6% body fat or something ridiculous and my mom has always had a good handle on personal health and so I know all the correct answers, ways to eat, work out routines- so I had no excuses at all! :)

So on Monday we went to Lifetime Fitness to get a tour and set up our plan with them. let me say-- Lifetime is AMAZING! It is a little more pricy than the other gyms but they offer so many different things, open all the time, and they really have given us many tools for success. Granted Lifetime is basically the closest gym to our house but it has been great so far. Everyday day this week we hit up the gym together- I love spending that purposeful time with Jeremiah. We did a group cardio class on Thursday and MAN it kicked our butts- can't wait to see how much easier it gets with time.

We have changed our eating habits DRASTICALLY- very few carbs and almost all protein, fresh/steamed veges and fruits. Ha when I look back at what we used to eat, one of our dinners before would have been the amount of calories we eat all day now. We have our mid morning and mid afternoon snacks as well- everything high protein and fresh produce. It is challenging to find varieties that we really enjoy but that was an excuse I used before-

I can't wait to step on the scale on Tuesday to see how far a week has come- as long as I loose something, it will be worth it!


The Botmas said...

good for you! it is so hard to get started and you have already accomplished that. keep up the good work, you will be so thankful you did. keep us posted!

Stacey said...

Way to go Amber! I only wish we could get on the wagon with you and loose some of our weight. It's so tough but I know there are a thousand excuses I could come up with. I'm proud of you two!