Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weight Update!

Well we got our butts kicked at cardio class today and then we weighed ourselves-

with 3 big work outs this week (we had a lot of orientation nights at the gym so less work outs then we hope) and doing REALLY good with food--

I lost....

3.5 pounds!!!!!!!!!

Jeremiah lost close to....

4 pounds!!!!!!!!!

HOW EXCITING! Now that we have the motivation that this is working, we are going to be very diligent from now on and get the most out of our work outs!! :)

I will update each week, so keep us accountable so it's like our "weigh in" haha.

thanks for the support guys! It's just the beginning!


The Botmas said...

and i will be checking every week! so proud of you guys. STICK WITH IT. i need to join you on this journey, maybe next week...ughh

Amber Hann said...

Ha I wish I had your body girl! You make me sick with your miles of running everyday (but now with a beautiful baby I'm sure you get enough workout playing with her:) )
I can't wait for that season in our life! (few more years haha)