Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our New Life

Well several people have asked "what are you guys changing that you saw several pounds in the first 5 days??" Well I figured I would share what we are doing now and I'm so excited/nervous to weigh in on Tuesday again. I cheated and weighed myself on Thursday and I had already lost another pound so it was an exciting motivation. I have to stop myself from checking everyday.
Here is our routine on a normal day

Breakfast- 2 choices: protein shake (2c. water, 1 tbs fat free vanilla yogurt, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, half a banana, handful of frozen, sliced strawberries- blend)- IT IS AMAZING, OR- 2 eggs only 1 yolk) and 1-2 pieces of turkey bacon

snack- apple & 1 tbs peanut butter or string cheese or 8-10 almonds or orange

lunch- few slices of deli meat, string cheese (only if you didn't have string cheese for snack), piece of fruit, carrots

snack- protein bar (homemade- my mom and dad found a recipe for healthy, GOOD protein bars because most packaged protein bars are either really high in sugar and fat, or they are just SO expensive. If you want the recipe, lemme know- they are so cheap and one batch makes enough for both of us for 2 weeks!)

dinner- meat and veges (either grilled/baked chicken with seasoning or fat free marinade- no fried or with oil), turkey meat either for taco salads, meatloaf (1 pound ground turkey, 1 cup bread crumbs, 8 oz fat free sour cream, salt and pepper- mix all together and put in a pan- bake for 50 minutes, top with little bit of brown sugar and ketchup), pork- grilled or baked, you can do fish but Jeremiah doesnt like fish haha so that is out- or VERY lean beef- we don't eat much beef.
veges are always steamed or baked. Broccoli, green beans, corn (rarely), or a salad with meat on top and fat free dressing.

dessert- we have 2 choices that we like- Skinny Cow ice cream pops (we get skinny dippers- 80 calories in one) or sugar free, fat free fruit/yogurt bars from Sams Club). It is a great little treat

We work out 5 days a week for an hour to hour and a half or we do group workout classes on Tuesdays. Cardio for 75% of the time- in our target heart rate, and then we do a cycle of stations that work upper and lower body and then we always do core (crunches, planks, etc).

It was SUPER hard the first week and this week it is fairly easy. It is more hard to resist when people offer stuff that we can't have. We have both been good and stuck to it. For easter my mom got us a basket full of orange and apples haha. :) so nice :)

So that is basically what we are doing for right now. High protein, almost no sugar, very little carbs (no complex carbs like breads, pastas, potatoes, etc.)

We had our first "cheat" meal on Friday and we went to Pei Wei and got lettuce wraps and chicken teriyaki with brown rice- ha so we didn't cheat too much but it hit the spot :)

I'm hope for 5 pounds this week which will make it almost 10 in 2 weeks and then about 20 pounds by graduation :)

Any questions or comments- feel free to!! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! Amber- i'm so proud of you guys. I would LOVE the recipe for the energy bars. (especially if they are good!!)
I think you've inspired me...

Anonymous said...

ooo... one more thing. where do you get protien powder? and what brand???
see... yea... i'm gonna work on shaping up a bit ;-)
married life gets the best of us- why is that??
Love you!

Stacey said...

That is great! I'm really thinking I might give it a try. Do you have to keep this up forever though to keep the weight off? I'm just concerned that I would get it all off and start down the same road again, you know? I really want to loose weight though. So I need to know what protein and where to get it. Can you just do a fruit smoothie without the added protein? Also, I would love the recipe for the energy bars if you have time to send it. Thanks Amber!

You look great!

Amber Hann said...

Lauren- I will post the recipe for the protein bars, the protein powder is called ProBlend 55, vanilla flavor (you can buy lots of kinds from health stores or online but the vanilla flavor and this brand tastes better and is less "gritty"

Stacy- it is something that kind of is a lifestyle but once the desired weight comes off then it is a little less strict. I did something similar to this in high school, lost like 30 pounds, and then I went back to my old ways (huge meal portions, fatty foods, and lots of starches/carbs) and I gained it back within a few months, so it does require some consistent change. I never realized until now how many calories we did eat before. We would eat like 2000 just in a dinner between a high fat meat like beef, and fried food and things like potatoes and pastas that are TONS of calories. So the biggest thing was portion control (even if you continue to eat what you eat now but eat about half of it)- you never want to feel "stuffed" and that was the hardest part.

Also, the fruit shakes aren't really a breakfast substitute if they don't have protein in them, so then they are kinda pointless for the purpose. We use them as a meal substitute (great for lunch also!)

Amber Hann said...

also stacy, using meats that are low in fat are great. So i use only turkey meat for burgers, tacos, meatloaf, etc, and chicken I just cut the fat off (same with other meats)- just high protein/low fat/low carbs- high veges and fruits (strawberry, plums, apples and oranges, and berries are the best fruits- grapes and bananas the least effective fruits for us but we eat them sometimes)

Anonymous said...

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